Daesan’s expert engineers are working hard to
pass on a clean environment to future generations.

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Since its establishment as a company that specializes in sewage and wastewater treatment, atmospheric areas, and mechanical equipment construction in 1984, Daesan has been utilizing its skills and knowhow in fields related to the environment and treatment facilities. Our company is equipped with the expertise and advanced technologies in operating industrial wastewater and city sewage treatment facilities, air pollutant prevention facilities, and other environmental facilities. We are also committed to customer satisfaction by creating a pleasant environment with our accurate designs and construction works.

Moreover, we have been striving to meet the various needs of our customers, including environmental licensing, permits and consulting, and construction of machine facilities, and we would like to repay our client’s support with innovative technologies through research and development in each area.

Today, we are pursuing sustainable growth to keep nature beautiful and clean for our generation in the present day and for our children in the future. We promise to be a first-class, environmentally-conscious company based on our corporate spirit, “Creating a Pleasant Environment” for you, who believe in economic growth and environment protection, by promoting green growth. - Engineers of Daesan Engineering Co., Ltd. -